The Importance of Being Earnest.

10 Mar

I must remember that irony is something not everyone understands. It doesn’t always travel the length of Britain so I guess I should have known it wouldn’t translate so well round The World. What you have to remember when reading my posts is that my way of getting through life involves a deal of self denegration and a modicum of self mockery. Probably something to do with placating fate but then let’s not get too deeply into that.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, I will not be using my Noah’s Ark quilt as a doormat. I have taken it apart though and will be re- quilting it. The replacement track for my quilting  frame has just arrived and I am letting it reach room temperature before installing it. That way, hopefully it won’t crack. I am still getting advice from various quarters about the standard of quilting and am hoping the new track will help. Everybody is being very helpful so hopefully we will get there.

Meanwhile perhaps you would like to admire my latest creation. I thought it was a bit mediocre before I quilted it but I think it has come up rather well. The quilting had defined it rather like the backstitch on a cross stitch picture. I am hoping my next quilt will be better but crossing ones fingers and manoeuvering the carriage on the frame are not compatible so let’s hope luck doesn’t come into it.

A few details

I tried to do a pastel quilt but  I am afraid this is the nearest I could get using my stash. I just don’t seem to do pastels. I now have much more fabric and so could probably do a paler version but it wouldn’t be me somehow. Anyway, apparently vibrant colurs are better for babies so that is my excuse.

I have spent the day packing panels and fat quarters for the Spring Quilt festival at Westpoint in Exeter. If you are in the area pop in. I wager you won’t be disappointed.


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