Tips and Tricks

This page gives links to all the tips on my blog. Check the archive for these posts.


October 3rd           Top Tips for the Novice Quilter.     –    Perfect seams

October 7th           Here Be Dragons-Tip the Second.  –    How to machine applique

October 13th         Surprised Hobbits, A Miffed St George and Tip the Third.   –  More machine applique tips

October 27th        Dragons Defeated and Tip the Fourth.  – Borders


May 7th                  The Bee, The Snail, The Ladybird and the Dragonfly. – More machine Applique Tips

June 2nd                The Wind in my Sails and a Parrot on my Shoulder –  Stack and Whack.

September 30th    More Treasures from the Sock Drawer – Digitised Machine Applique.


April 9th                 Crazy for Butterflies Quilt as you go

November 23rd    Gypsy Chique Bag

December 15th      Gypsy Crazy Patch Quilt


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