Machine Embroidery

Find here a collection of my blogs on machine embroidery.


20th September    A Girl’s Best Friend

20th October         Curiouser and Curiouser

31st October          Keeping on the Straight and Narrow Down Under

5th November     The Seas Were Made of Ink

4th December     Just When You Think It’s Safe


2nd January      News of Cheese and a New Year Wheeze

24th January     Year of the Dragon

21st July               Jeremy Fisher and Friends

26th July              Mr Cool and the Bag Lady

22nd August      Never Too Old to Dance

22nd August      Beach Babes in Stitches

26th September Getting all your Ducks in a Row

30th September More Treasures from the Sock Drawer

12th October      Sock it to the Baby

17th October    The End of the Monkey Business



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