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Mr Cool and the Bag Lady

26 Jul

I have been having a bit of  an embroidery fest.  For weeks I don’t do any embroidery and then I churn out a whole pile of them in a couple of days. This week it was Loralie Designs and also a designer called Gretha Botma from South Africa. Loralie designs are funny and whimsical but there is a bit more earthy reality about Gretha Botma’s Ruby. I will be working my way through the Ruby collection in the next few weeks and will post as I complete them. It is a bit of a challenge as I work with Madeira and sometimes Sulky but these are done in a different range. I have been lucky that most embroideries I have wanted have been in Madeira and as I have the full range it means I don’t have to fiddle about trying to decide what colours to use. One thing I have realised is that there is not really such a thing as a substitute colour in another range. For that reason the following embroidery is done in two sets of colors.

See what I mean? The darker one is done with the colours suggested by a substitute chart. As it was nowhere near the original I changed a few colours. The over blouse is a bit more convincing but perhaps I need to work on the hair. Anyway you see my problem. There are also a lot of colours which is not too much of a problem on a one needle machine if a little time consuming. On a multi needle machine it requires a bit of maths and sometimes a spread sheet. What we do for our art. I suspect the original picture was a drawing or painting that was then converted into stitches, thus the intricate shading. The results however are rather satisfying .

At various timesI have changed the colours on Loralie designs but to be honest unless there is a particular reason to do so they are perfect as they are.

Mr Cool

The Bag Lady

Serious Shopper



Norton Brown

Blue Daisy Dancer

I have done lots more. If you want to see them have a look at my web page at this link for the ladies or this link for the men.

They make unusual front pockets for bags. I have made greetings cards with a few crystals and I have used them as blocks on quilts. Very versatile.