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When the Clock Strikes Three, Everything Stops for Tea.

18 Aug

Personally any time the clock strikes and in between time suits me. That is a little strange as my Anglo-Saxon roots are well diluted with potatoes and stout. There must have been an ancestral  teabody  who passed down the  gene undiluted. I suppose I’m lucky it wasn’t the one with a penchant for moonshine. Having this predeliction and also a stash with some flowery fabrics bought in a fit of something I cannot quite remember, the Millamac ‘Tea Party’ quilt was a bit of a must. I made it for Daughter Number One who could really do with an intravenous drip where tea is concerned. I don’t think she would go for the moonshine but you never know till you try. You certainly wouldn’t be wanting to take that intravenously.

This quilt  is called ‘Tea or Coffee’. I saw it advertised as a block of the month as ‘The Great Aussie Tea Party’ which I think has a bit more ‘Zing’ as a title. It shows various animals, birds etc taking tea – as they do.

The complete Quilt

The comment from the Australians that I showed it to was that the fabric made the teapot very ‘English’. I think they were thinking more ‘English Stereotype’. Personally you wouldn’t catch me with a pink flowery teapot but that is called interpretation.  There are times when I think I live on a different planet from other people.

I just broke off then to look out of the window as I heard a car. This may not be something that you would necessarily do but then you may not live on a street that is too narrow for cars. That does not stop people trying to drive down it though. They think if their holiday cottage has parking it must be outside the front door. This is a grievous error. There are railings outside my house By the time they realise they can’t get through and try to reverse, their wing mirrors perform like a child’s ears when he has stuck his head through the railings – they won’t go backwards. Still we don’t get a lot happening here so it all adds to the entertainment. It doesn’t do the paintwork a lot of good though, the railings or the car. If you go to the Polperro website you will see a couple of pictures of unlikely vehicles using the roads but in fact the road past my house is even narrower and they would not even have tried it. At least I don’t think so. I think there is a bit of a macho element that thinks it can drive anywhere despite signs to the contrary.

However, back to tea time. I rather like the kookaburras who are having such a good time the tea is getting spilt. The slit of an eye makes all the difference to the expression. The one on the right seems to have told a very funny story.

Don't Make Me Laugh.

In the next one the possum on the right is a busy little fellow. Pouring the tea and handing the cakes. If you are interested the cakes are called ‘Lamingtons’ and are plain cake dipped in chocolate and sugar and coated in coconut. Click here for the recipe and the theory of origin. They may sound a little odd but they are strangely delicious.

More Tea Vicar.

Then there are the koalas tossing pancakes into another block. See the expression on the face of the one tossing the pancake and the other watching it go whilst the third sifts flour. Lots of french knots there. Please note the steam from the coffee. A bit of backstitch there.

Where did that one go?

Then there are the ’emus what lunch’. It looks like milkshakes rather than solid food. I expect there are some of you that think I hand-embroidered the chairs. I don’t think so!  Satin stitch on the machine. I don’t mind french knots and a bit of backstitch but I have to draw the line somewhere.

'Ladies What Lunch'

The frogs were great fun. Just look at the one on the right. You can see her pursing her lips ready to drink the hot tea. Attention to detail like that puts the expression and humour into the picture. This is a quilt that makes you laugh.

Do Have a Cake.

Down at the bottom left it looks like Granny’s birthday with Junior delivering the cake. A very tactful one candle I see. More french knots on the cake and sundae in the foreground. They almost look good enough to eat.

Happy Birthday to You

The border fabrics were a jelly roll I just happened to have . I probably wouldn’t have thought of that fabric if I hadn’t had it in a jelly roll but I think it makes it. Someone asked me to make them a similar quilt but in creams and browns. It was a struggle bearing in mind the way my colour tastes run but I did it and it looked as good in its own way. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it so you will have to take my word for it.

Well I think it is about time to put the kettle on so I’ll love you and leave you as they say. I wonder if I can find some cake.