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Bear Facts and Multiplications

16 Jan

It seems a long time since I last posted. In fact it is quite a long time. Tempus Fugit when you are enjoying yourself. Also I have been running a bricks and mortar shop which took up most of my time. Last time I published I think I had completed the Elizabeth Hartman Bjorn the Bear Quilt. The latter was made from leftovers from the Fancy Forest Quilt I made earlier. I don’t know if that qualifies as upcycling but whatever it is it’s an extra quilt top for no extra outlay and that can’t be bad.

After I made the first Bjorn quilt I watched a video of Angela Walters quilting a quilt by Tula Pink. She had taken the Bjorn the Bear pattern and used her own fabrics to add her stamp and I thought it was really attractive. It was not anything I would have thought of doing myself but there it was. Also, in my stash was a bundle of Free Spirit Fat Quarters I had no idea what I was going to do with. A Match made in Heaven. What do you think?

Compare the one on my 3rd December 2018 post. Two totally different quilts with the same basic pattern. I intend to do this again when I find a likely candidate. I love it.

The original for comparison.

I didn’t do the quilting the same way that she did. She did a lot of clever feathers and I think I must be the only person in the Quilting World that does not really like them. Or maybe I am just a scaredy Cat. I really must try and conquer them. Who knows they may even become my favourite pattern. Whatever else it is all good quilting practice and you can’t have too much of that.

There is a reason for my return. My steam driven website is now no more. I have a new site with a new look and hopefully I can keep up with the blogs as I explore more quilts in the future.

http://www.nsaaquilting.co.uk is the address. Hope to see you there.


Here We Are Again

30 Apr

The reason I have been incommunicado is that I have had a long holiday communing with nature and catching up with old friends.

The BC  and I went to the Lake district which is not normally a sensible thing to do in April considering April is known for showers and The lake District for deluges at the best of times. Strangely some of the South West sunshine must have accompanied us as we had a very pleasant week. The cottage was a bit quaint for my liking. Wood burners may be very rustic but they are a touch lung unfriendly. I am also not sure I really want all my clothes to smell of wood smoke. It is not a perfume Christian Dior is likely to be marketing soon.

Luckily I had quilts in the car so I was able to curl up and be cosy warm despite  temperatures lower than those I am used to. The BC didn’t use his so presumably I have been living soft.

Here is the quilt itself. Again it is one of my early ones and very fiddly so the piecing isn’t perfect but it works on a keeping warm level. I think it was before rotary cutters took off and each piece was individually cut out and stitched together. I believe there are easier ways to do this type of quilt now but I haven’t investigated that branch of piecing as yet. I am fast coming to the conclusion that life is not long enough to fit in the essentials never mind the rest.

The original pattern is ‘Judy’s Flower Patch’ by Judy Martin. It comes from the book ‘Scrap Quilts’ by her. The one in the book is a lovely double quilt. I made mine into a quillow as it is kept in the car and folds up into a pillow when not in use.

Here is the one the BC didn’t use but I still had to wash to get rid of the smokey smell. Simple but cheerful. (The quilt not the BC).

In case you don’t know what The Lake District looks like this is pretty much it. Some strange person seems to have crept into the picture. Do they have Leprechauns in The Lakes? Looking a little closer, could it be a gnome?

I have also just noticed that there isn’t actually a lake in the picture. This is because even in a district called The Lakes they are not everywhere. I believe this type of country is known as a Fell. Certainly didn’t do my feet a lot of good but I didn’t actually fall. The only problem was that BCs map reading seems to have gone off a bit over the last few years. I think we got lost just about every day. We even ended up climbing over a rather rickety looking dry stone wall at one point. Interesting but something perhaps better tackled a few years ago. Anyway, we survived the experience. The next time we got lost it was an erronious input into the satnav. Garbage in, garbage out as they are wont to say.

After the week in The Lakes the BC arranged to do a mystery tour via old friends. (I think he was trying to put a bit of excitement into my life). I was a bit worried I might not recognise any of them but it didn’t happen so that was alright. I quite enjoyed catching up with people. It is amazing how many years pass  unnoticed. It’s actually quite scary. I even visited one of my aunts and she is 102 and still cutting her own lawn and going shopping. There is hope for me yet as long as I inherited some of those genes.