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Resolving the New Year

16 Dec

If you have been following my blogs you will know I have spent a long time overseas and that I developed patchwork, applique etc as a necessary hobby. I deliberately didn’t mention quilting because I have done more of the former than the latter. Filling suitcases with quilts every time I came home was bad enough when they were just tops. If they had been quilted they would have been a nightmare. As a result I have a huge pile of tops ready to quilt. Luckily I had ten years of dollmaking in the middle or I wouldn’t be able to get in the front door. Bear in mind that the tops I have are left after I gave a pile to Project Linus to finish for me.

Just to give you an idea of the nature of my New Year’s resolution, take a look at this lot.


There are actually two piles.

Luckily I have done one of the Grace Frame courses at The Cotton Patch. I can recommend them to anyone who is feeling frustrated trying to use their frame or thinking of buying a new one. I am waiting for some extra bits to arrive from America at the moment but I shall be full steam ahead after Christmas. With that lot I should become an expert.

Enough of my problems. We have the tree up and dressed as they say. No room for lazy trees in our house. I have also done the customary window display. For all you people with large gardens full of trees and flowers I shall explain about my house.

It is on a narrow street running through the village. It is so narrow you will not find it on Google Earth as the car can’t get down it. If it did, getting out would be a long process followed by a trip to the panel beater. My large front window looks out onto the street and passers- by are practically in the front room. Normally we get over this by living on the top floor. At Christmas, however, with the tree downstairs we tend to live down there. In Winter it is a tad dark, courtesy of the two foot thick walls and therefore deep window reveals, so we put on the lights. This immediately lights up the room like a guide to a ship in the fog. We either spend Christmas waving at passers-by or block out the view. We choose to do the latter. I usually do a display of dolls and a few Christmas lights – as shown in the photo. It’s Christmassy and serves the purpose.

Close up.

Closer up.

The other thing I have been doing this week is a bit of embroidery. I had my machine serviced and so am ready for the New Year on that too. I made another decoration in the shape of a fairy embroidery – courtesy of Emlibrary of course. There are lots of other fairies too. Excuse the reflection as I have framed it and there are a lot of lights where I photographed it.

If you look carefully in the first one you can just see me.

Of course I had to add a few sparkles. I couldn’t help myself. After all if you can’t sparkle at Christmas when can you.