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Sea Glass of a Different Hue.

15 Dec

Having mentioned my glass fusing adventures in my last blog I thought I would keep you up to date on how we are progressing.

I am still surprised at the popularity of the glass jewellery I sell through my shop. I started selling it as an extra for non quilters visiting the shop in the school holiday season. Ironically, during the season seems to be the time they do not sell as well. Off season they go like hot cakes. The main problem I have is that I have to spend my only day off making more. Still there are worse ways to spend a day.

For a few blissful weeks I even had someone to clean the house as I obviously don’t have much free time. Unfortunately the karma ran out and I was let down not once but twice so I am back to doing my favourite job of cleaning as well as the ironing, working 6 days a week and making glass. Still it hasn’t killed me yet and who needs a spotless house and beautifully ironed clothes anyway. (It’s a sad fact that actually I do.)

Back to the glass.

I use mainly dichroic glass which is a glass with a metallic finish. It can either be left as it is and fused or fused with a clear cap. Each gives a different effect.IMG_0243Without


IMG_0190 (1)A mix of coloured and clear dichroics.

Then we have the ones with a leather cord, mainly because the design does not really allow room for a bail.


IMG_0182At the beginning I had favourites that I would put in the window. I have now learned that everyone seems to like a different type so anything goes. The secret is to put them in the sun in the window. They shine beautifully and sell themselves.

Dichroic is an interesting material. It changes colour as the wearer movesĀ  which means that it looks different from different angles and pretty from all. Putting a clear cover on it gives more depth to the piece whereas without it makes a definite statement. Dichroic glass is pure ‘look at me’ however it is used.

Even if I wanted to duplicate a piece, and I don’t, it would be difficult. There is really no telling how a piece will turn out. That is the beauty and the mystery of glass. You can plan and design but once it goes into the kiln it can do whatever it likes. With the capped glass bubbles are the thing. Sometimes it is a problem but often it adds to the design.


I look at them as little magnifying glasses. The appeal of these pieces is that they are organic. They are not mass produced and so they are all different. As such you will never see someone else wearing the same pendant.

I would suggest anyone interested go on a course but unless you are prepared to make a financial commitment don’t tempt yourself. There are microwave kilns available so that you don’t have to buy a kiln but I am a bit of an addict when it comes to these things and the idea of making one at a time rather than a batch would put me off. There are lots of youtube videos about using the microwave kiln from http://www.glaze.co.nz. These show you how to make particular pieces of jewellery and are easy to follow. In fact there are lots of videos about dichroic jewellery making catering for all tastes.

I have just found this in ‘drafts’ so here goes. I am also going on another course as I want to improve on what I have achieved. Also it is a good excuse for a couple of days away over my birthday week.