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The Goose is Getting Fat.

1 Dec

How do I know Christmas is coming? I answered the door three times yesterday to delivery men. Whatever happened to the ‘trip to the shops’ with its christmas goodies and accompanying cheery songs. Gone all gone – replaced by a trip into cyberspace. It’s easier but is it as much fun?

My problem with shopping is the getting there. I live in a village where driving out of it involves a 10 minute walk up a very steep hill. This is followed by negotiating narrow streets and sundry persons, finally popping out at the top of the village and then having to meander along narrow twisting roads to get to the nearest town 30 miles away. Having reached said town parking is the next problem. I hate parking when the car park is likely to be full. I am convinced someone is going to leap into the only remaining space just as we are lining up to back into it. Yes ‘We’ – the sad bit is that I never drive. I get this neurotic just sitting in the passenger seat. I am a bit more interactive with the winding roads as they make me feel ill but that is neither here nor there.

Having reached my destination I am usually disappointed. There are no little shops selling something individual any more. They are all chains or small shops selling goods supplied by one central source. I find myself wandering through shop after shop and finding nothing. Well ‘Bah Humbug’ is what I say. Much easier to do everything online. The added bonus is that instead of spending the day in traffic and useless shops I have time to whip up a couple of christmas goodies.

This year’s tablecloth for instance.

Here are a few of the embroideries.

A little snowman runner to add a little Je ne c’est quois to Je ne c’est quois.

Sorry about the missed clippings.

I suppose it is what you would call redwork, except it’s white.

You know I really should get out more. How about some shopping therapy.