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Branching Out With Butterflies.

20 Jan

I have repurposed one of my quilt kits to give it a new focus.

I have taken my mixture of butterflies and fossil ferns and transformed it from this single bed quilt.

Butterfly quilts

To these combinations of cot quilt and baby bag.



IMG_0152 (3)


The fabrics are still amongst the prettiest I have seen in the years I have been quilting and this way there is no need to lose out just because you don’t need a single bed quilt. There seems to be a steadily growing if  imported trend for baby showers. What better than a set for travelling. You won’t get one of those at Mothercare and there is little chance of anyone giving the identical gift.

The only problem might be actually giving it away.


Out of Africa

3 Apr

Another one bites the dust.

This one shows ghanian adinkra symbols.

It was made from fat quarters which explains some of the wonkiness. I wouldn’t do it that way now. Far too finnicky and also have a bigger choice of fabric. It was also a very good one on which to practise using the speed control. As I used a higher loft wadding it should  keep me warm on the cold nights when the heating bills get too high. In fact the way I’m going I could just burrow under the pile of now finished quilts and forget the heating althogether. Could this be the latest sustainable energy project. (The old ideas are the best.)

Each symbol has a meaning and they are woven into cloth to create a message for the wearer and maybe also the observer.

Many moons ago I spent some time in Ghana so I feel an affinity. It was the first time I had travelled to Africa and everything was new and interesting. After many years things that once seemed new and exciting become mundane and everyday. The name of my online quilt business is Nsaa which, in the adinkra symbols is a  fabric. Basically the symbol means that something is genuine and of superior quality. It also makes a rather good logo.

If you are interested in what the rest mean click on the link above to take you to a page about them or just Google ‘adinkra’.

This last weekend I took a stall at the Westpoint Spring quilt festival in Exeter. It was great fun although the people who make a living at craft fairs and had to pay for petrol and accommodation were not too pleased. The number of people was definitely down from the couple of times I have visited as a customer and those that were there were not buying much. However, I picked up a few tips on future fair strategy. A lot of the traders do the whole circuit so they know each other and have a bit of a get together as well as selling.

This is what we looked like.

I think I might have less on show next time but it’s all a learning curve.

Now I just have to unpack all the boxes.

Next stop Harrogate in August/September

Year of the Dragon

24 Jan

Technically my Year of the Dragon was last year. If you read my blog you will know that a part of 2011 was taken up with the making of two dragon quilts. I used the applique one as a tutorial. and also    and also.  I also did an embroidered one in this post.

As you can see that could qualify 2011 as my dragon year. However, I am presently binding both these quilts and one of them is a present for a new baby to be born this year. I did not know that 2012 was to be the year of the dragon but how appropriate is that. I also made a matching bag for baby katundu.

I have been struggling with my Grace frame to do the quilting but this one turned out quite well.I decided not to get too ambitious so I did a bit of random meandering round each dragon and then finished off with stitch in the ditch as it looked a bit unfinished. If I don’t look too hard it looks a bit like flames surrounding the dragons.

A few closeups.

To finish it all off I made a label using one of the dragons I hadn’t used on the quilt.

Also a card to match.

If you have a Grace frame I have a few pictures to show you how it’s done. First Load the backing on to the top rail right side down.

Then roll the top onto the third rail right side up.

The wadding comes up between the rails and lies on top of the backing. The top is then pulled up and pinned on to the wadding to be rolled on to the top rail.

You now have a flat sandwich to work on.

Each layer is moved on ratcheted poles.

The other quilt was appliqued using a pattern from the same place as the embroideries. The Quiltery.

So I have finally finished the dragon quilts. Now the UFOs. they depend on the frame and the stitch controller went haywire just before I finished for the day today. Tomorrow I have to try and sort it out. Happy days. Don’t you just love technology.

She who is tired of quilting is tired of life.

19 Jul

Apologies to samuel Johnson for the title. It is also worth noting that not all quilters are female.

This blog Continues the theme in the 15th July blog. If you don’t want to tire of quilting don’t overface yourself but at the same time challenge yourself a bit more with each project. The bag projects help teach piecing and quilting, the next stage might be to learn applique. Again, start with something simple that you can finish successfully. Something like the cot quilt  in my quilt patterns and kits sections. As I said in the last ‘lesson’ a kit is useful as it supplies the things needed to make the project but a pattern  would also work. For instance, the hearts in the kit below are ready fused onto the gingham and cut out. the pattern does however give a pattern for the heart and there are instructions on how to fuse the hearts to the fabric.  If you like my choice of fabric then a kit is a good idea but if you want to choose your own fabric use a pattern. It is also possible to use different shapes with the basic pattern although only the heart is supplied at present.

Sweet Hearts Cot Quilt Kit

This is the kit as sold featuring the pink version.

The kit comes in four colours

There are several ways of appliqueing shapes onto a background. One is to cut out the shapes with a 1/4″ allowance all round. Fold this over and press. Pin the shape to the background and slip stitch in place using small stitches, catching a little of the background and a little of the applique at the same time. Another way is to cut the shapes exactly to size and then either attach with blanket stitch – or as it was described to me the other day ‘teddy bear hand stitch’ which I  thought was a much more evocative description., or with a machine stitch. Any embroidery stitch or zigzag would do but I use satin stitch as it gives a neater finish which is less likely to fray. With machine applique use a piece of stabiliser on the back as this makes the fabric move much more easily.

Applique is a fairly easy way to make a simple quilt look more complicated. It is a good way to personalise your handiwork. One thing I can promise you is that once you get started you wont be able to stop. Everyone will gets quilts for presents. They will be amazed and you will be popular.

Good stitching.