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Loralie Sets the Kitchen Alight

8 Oct

The sole purpose of the purchase of my embroidery machine was  to stitch Loralie Designs’ quirky characters. One of the first CDs I bought was for embroidering onto aprons and it was the Fun Chefs collection.

Fun Chefs

GO8010Fun chef_cookie cake_600x600

By popular request Loralie has redesigned the matching fabrics and as I was asked for them at the last show I now have them on the website.

There is a tossed fabric in black and also white which would be ideal for making aprons for instance. The figures are quite large and therefore have a presence.

black chef toss_600x600

white chef toss_600x600

There is, of course a panel.

chef panel_600x323

As an extra she has also designed a place mat panel.

chef tablemats_600x323

The first sale was winging its way to France the day after I put it on the site. How appropriate.

In case you are wondering what I have been doing in the dungeons of late, I have been adding to my animal collection.

First of all I did some embroideries to match the Dog Happy collection.






I did the whole CD’s worth but I will not bore you with them all.

Then I made a couple of things with the Dog Happy and Cool Cats fabrics.

Another of my sample bags.


Then a pinafore for the serious cat lover.

DSCN2781_450x600I don’t know about you but I love the bright colours on black.

I could, however be in a minority. I think a lot of people are afraid of colour. It may just be that they are afraid they won’t like the final result and fabric is expensive. Whatever the reason, remember everyone is entitled to their own taste and none is superior.

Speaking of expensive fabric – have you noticed the trend for racking up the price of fabric just because it has gone out of print? I saw someone the other day had tripled the original price of a Loralie Designs panel because they said it was rare. Add postage to that and it was 5 times the price. You really would need to have it for that amount. Maybe I’m just a cheapskate.

That’s my rant for the day so I guess it’s back to the dungeon.

Before I go though I will be getting some of the Loralie Art stamps in the next week or so so watch this space. They are good for cards etc but also for colouring fabric to look like water colour pictures.

Here is a sample.

Aunt Hattie

The actual stamp gives you this.

Aunt Hattie ActualI can’t wait.