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Loralie Panels, Usage and Abusage.

18 Sep

We have all been there. Can’t resist a piece of fabric and, having bought it, squirrel it away without using it. Every time we think about using it we think how nice it looks in one piece and how we don’t want to cut it. In the case of Loralie Designs I would definitely say this is abuse. Those designs need to get out there and cheer up all those sad looking people. If you want ideas go to youtube.

This link should give you some ideas. Some of the fabric is no longer available but any of her panels and embroideries would suit.

Here is another

A far as my usage goes I make a lot of bags. I do this mainly because I want to give people ideas of  what they can make with the fabric and partly because they are very useful bags. Both my Daughters have definitely not only used but also abused several bags. How they carry them with the amount of stuff in them I will never know.

They make good shopping handbags. They look good as a handbag but there is lots of room for shopping in this ‘bring your own bag’ age.

I also put a couple of my Loralie Embroidered bags in too just in case I get carried away in the sales.

Here are a few ideas from my newest fabrics.

fw portrait closeup2_600x600These are back and front of a bag made from the Fast Women Portrait panel.

fw portrait clloseup3_600x600As you can see I also put pockets on the side panels using the individual panels from the big panel.  The main fabric is just one that matches well.

This next one is also from the Fast Women Potrait panel but using the Fast Women tossed fabric as the main fabric.

fast women closeup_600x600

Fast Women closeup4_600x600

The other fast women fabric is black which adds a bit of sophistication.


black sew creative cleaer_600x600

Hulala is another panel and fabric and I made two different bags from this. The first is the same style as the ones above.



If you want something ginormous for beach towels and the picnic try this.




For a bit more substance try adding some wadding.




Fashion Beach closeup_600x600

If the fabric is no longer available try one of the embroidery collections.



These two are available as kits.

I also tried out one of the Loralie Designs projects. I think it turned out well. She uses embroideries but I used panels.



The Loralie Designs site also has ideas and project sheets, some of which are below.







So no excuses, don’t hoard it. use it. If you then want to try something different have a look at the collection on my website.