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Curiouser and Curiouser

20 Oct

Just in case you were wondering where I have been – the answer is ‘down a rabbit hole’. I have had to take a temporary rest from appliqueing dragons to venture into Wonderland.

Sunday was Daughter Number one’s unbirthday, her birthday being the following Tuesday. She has a penchant for themed parties and this year decided on Alice in Wonderland. This meant I had to find some sort of costume. I suddenly remembered that amongst the embroideries I bought from The Quiltery last week was a collection from Alice in Wonderland so I found myself a shirt and off I went. I obviously had to have Alice.

Followed by the other characters.

White Rabbit


March Hare


Back of Shirt

Cheshire Hat

Pinny for Daughter Number 2 to serve the tea.

Everybody had to wear Alice in Wonderland themed outfits or a ‘Mad’ hat.

We had to enter into the garden through the tiny door. This was a bit of a challenge to some of the people in tall hats as was the pea netting hanging from the ceiling. This was covered in crepe paper leaves, the window was open and every time there was a breeze it was like Autumn as the leaves floated down through the gaps between the lengths of netting. Quite an accidental plus actually.

There was lots of tea and cake and fun was had by all.

What will it be next year?

I haven’t been able to do any sewing this week. Yesterday Daughter Number One and I made little embroidered bags for Christmas goodies. They turned out very well. They are done completely in the hoop which means no finishing although there is a bit of temporary glue involved that created a few amusing moments. I sat on the top of the desk, turned round and tumbled everything to the floor. It appears I had sat on the paper we were using under the glue spraying activity, it stuck to me and as I moved it moved with me taking everything with it.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

One of the Snowfolk.


It’s frightening how close Christmas is actually. These bring it home.

Meanwhile back to the sewing. Here are the latest dragons on the way to completing my quilt.

I gave in to my urge to buy coloured underthread so I will keep you posted on whether it is worth the extra or not.

When I have finished the dragons I will take you through the next few stages of finishing a successful applique. It is a waste doing a perfect applique if you don’t finish it off and insert it into the quilt top properly. However, this will be a lot easier with photographs so I will comment as I do it myself.