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Another Day Another Cake

15 Jul

I must have been blogging for about a year as I distinctly remember blogging about BC’s birthday last year and the cake produced by Daughter Number One. This year she has produced another one.

I think she could have found a new interest.

The whole family arrived for BC’s birthday and we had an excellent meal at Neville’s Restaurant in Little Green. It was, as always very, very good. I thought BC deserved a meal out as he always does the cooking. If you are ever in Polperro you really should try this restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Just in case you don’t know what else there is to come here for, have a look at our restored lifeboat. Don’t worry it’s not used for saving lives any more. We may have many ancient traditions but we do have a modern lifeboat.

Some more boats.The outer harbour.

See how I suffer.

I have finished another quilt but not taken a photograph as yet. Watch this space.

In case you are interested I made BC a card using Loralie designs ‘Senior Prom’ embroidery collection.

I love her designs, embroidery and fabric but the embroideries are so well digitised they are a pleasure to use.


Cupcakes, Cream Teas and Crocodiles.

2 Jul

After much hinting and the realisation that just about everybody who visits us or is visited by us seems to be a member of the National Trust, The Big Cheese bought me a membership for my birthday. A combination of that and a free pass for a non member saw myself and Daughter Number One visiting Coleton Fishacre in Devon. It was a lovely day and, despite being a sunday, was not greatly overcrowded.

We had a very interesting time looking round the house. It used to be owned by the Doyly Carte family of Gilbert and Sullivan operetta fame. If you are ever in the vicinity and like historic houses and lovely gardens I can thoroughly recommend it.

The front of the house with some of the vast gardens

The sloped roof in the front is a side view of the loggia used for all meals whenever possible. I think the weather must have been better in those days.

The gardens were also lovely with many walks and we saw some plants we had not come across before.

Apparently these are a type of orchid. They look like dozens of tiny orchids on one stem.

Needless to say we had to sample the creams teas too. We sat in a sunny courtyard and they certainly didn’t skimp on the jam or cream.

The day after I arrived to stay with D1 she went on a course to decorate cup cakes. I was very impressed. I suspect that both skill and patience are required to achieve results. She certainly has the patience and she seems to have picked up the skill as well. What do you think?

I particularly like the pigs.

I can tell you that those bows are not easy. I was given a quick lesson on Sunday and Isuspect I have neither skill nor patience.

This week is her sister’s birthday so she decided to convert her skills into cake decorating. Slightly different scale but the skills seem to transfer and she certainly has patience judging by the time spent on the decoration.

Daughter number two was born in Africa and lived there for her first few years. The logical cake therefore was obviously a map of Africa with some native animals.

The tablecloth rather betrays the birthday girl’s origins.

Just in case you are missing the quilting element of the blog, here is my birthday gift. You may recognise it.

I have not had time to do any quilting having been away from my workroom. perhaps next week I will have made something more to show you.