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Giraffes and More Giraffes

23 Oct

I disappeared for a while but I’m back now, for the time being anyway.

I opened a shop which takes up most of my time but I thought some of you might like to see what I have been doing in the interim.

I bought a longarm quilting setup and for someone who was used to the limitations of a Grace Frame and Janome 1600P it is a revelation. Instead of making do with overall meanders as the easiest way to overcome the lack of space at the end of the quilt I can now do anything I want. Instead of putting up with flimsy rails bending and distorting the quilt I can now produce quilts that are square in all directions.

The best way I found to practise, because practice is what it is all about, was to use panels. That way I hadn’t spent a long time making a quilt only to be disappointed in the result when quilted. I have also done a lot of quilting for Project Linus although that in itself, whilst good practice was at times depressing.I will explain later.

This is me practising pebbles. Not too shabby.

























Then there is the matching quilt. More pebbles. Should be good at them by now.

I also did a version of that one with borders and with a denser, polyester wadding.


IMG_0160No pebbles but lots of meandering. I wanted something cosier for a baby with this one.

If you just like the giraffes but bigger how about this one.

IMG_0210That made a very useful playmat. Nobody’s floor is really clean after all and babies chew everything.

These panels gave lots of scope for bringing out the characters of the animals and pebbles, don’t forget the pebbles.

Luckily giraffes are in this year but people do tend to want to buy the finished article when I want to sell the panels. Unfortunately they are not for sale. I like them too much and have invested too much time in them for which no-one would want to pay.

I was going to comment on the quilts I have been finishing for Project Linus but experience tells me I will upset someone because they will not actually read what I write. So all I will say is that if you are thinking of making a quilt, whatever the charity, make it as if you were going to give it to a member of your family. I personally will not be finishing any more. I will make them from scratch. If I am going to spend hundreds of pounds of my own money I want the result to be acceptable. I will use good fabric, make sure no selvedges are showing and that I have finished all the seams properly. More emphasis on quality and less on quantity. Enough said.