A Superior Menagerie

25 Sep

My favourite animals come in the form of Loralie Designs Dogs and Cats. I don’t have much against the real thing but these you don’t have to take for a walk in the middle of Winter and they cost nothing to feed. You may have seen my post on the latest animal fabrics . Whilst thinking what to do next I came across some different dogs and cats in the shape of Loralie embroideries. I thought some of you might be interested to see that she does other things in her embroideries and not just amusing people.

Dogs first.





Then a few cats.





I have others on my web site nsaaquilting.co.uk

In case you think I have forgotten Loralie designs amusing ladies here are some of those that I did at the same time. These are from a collection called Sew Girls.





Winging its way to me I also have the Dog Happy embroideries.

Dog Happy

These are the ones that match the Dog Happy panel and matching fabrics.

dog panel_600x330

They would make a lovely cheerful bag with the Dog Happy black or white toss.

black dog scatter_600x600

white dog panel_600x600

If I carry on like this I will need another stall at the next quilt show. Luckily the stalls at Westpoint  near Exeter are bigger than the Harrogate ones so I can squeeze a bit more in. The question is – will I have any of this fabric left by then?


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