Dogs Cats and Loralie Designs

14 Sep

I have recently returned from The Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate and am already looking forward to next year. We decided to take Loralie Designs fabric with us this year.  After a bit of shuffling and the services of Daughter Number one who family folklore has it, could  fit an elephant into the back seat of a mini with room to spare, we managed to fill two cars with merchandise and off we went.  I have to tell you that it is a very long way to Harrogate from Cornwall so we were pleased to have an excuse to spend a few days elsewhere on the way up and also on the way back.

For some reason we all love doing the shows. Friday is always the busiest and this year it was particularly busy for us. The whole of Harrogate seems to have been looking for Loralie Designs and failing so were pleased to find that there is someone in the UK who carries Loralie merchandise.

Friday was very hot and the exhibition centre is a metal building so what with that and all the customers wanting fabric cutting we were a bit warm by the end of the day. If there had not been three of us I am not sure how we would have managed. If you are in the area next year come along and join in.

Anyway, as a result of the popularity and the number of people wanting to buy anything featuring a dog or cat I have ordered the latest fabrics from Loralie Designs and they will be featuring next year at Harrogate (29th t0 31st August 2014) and also at Westpoint Exhibition centre near Exeter (April 4th to 6th 2014). If you want something to cheer you up or just something different come and see us at either or both places next year. If you can’t manage to get to either try the web site. (

Below is a preview of some of the new fabrics and there will probably be more by then as well.

Whether you like dogs or colour these have to be for you.

dog panel_600x330

black dog scatter_600x600

white dog panel_600x600

black bones_600x600

white bones_600x600

Not a doggy person? How about cats.

cat panel_600x327

black cat scatter_600x600

blue cat scatter_600x600

black cat paws_600x600

I am expecting delivery of these any time now so should have them on the site ( very soon.

You have to admit they will make very cheerful quilts and totes and I am looking forward to selling them at the shows. One thing is for sure, when you sell Loralie Designs all the customers have a sense of humour.

I will be featuring some other fabrics in future blogs so watch this space if your are a Loralie fan. Amongst others I am thinking of stocking the chef fabric on the Loralie home page.


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