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The Captain,the Cabin Boy and a Fishy Tale.

10 Jun

The next stage has been reached. The thing to remember when appliquéing onto a pieced top like this is that there are lots of seams adding thickness. If you find yourself appliquéing onto a pieced top, in order not to give yourself more problems than necessary make sure the stabiliser does not fold over on the back as you are working and so make the thickness even more. My machine  gets upset if I give it too much to swallow and starts breaking needles. Some machines will need one layer of stabiliser to produce an easy running satin stitch, some need two. The thickness of stabiliser also has a bearing. Experiment before letting yourself loose on your precious quilt top and you won’t go far wrong.

I have now stitched  the individual appliqués onto the centre section of the quilt top before adding borders.

Remember –


Baking paper.


Sure scared you HAHA.

The Captain and his friend. (Eye eye) Captain.

I don’t think he’s having a good day.

YoHoHo and a bottle of rum.

I can’t see no ships.

Just to make the whole thing interesting the bulb decided to go on the machine so I had to swap to a different model. Trust me to buy a machine with a non standard light bulb. I digress.

Next I will be deciding on a border. I will keep you posted.