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Soldier, Soldier Let’s Reconsider Our Options.

27 May

Just when you thought it was safe —- here I am again. I have been off to the South East to help Daughter Number Two move again. I won’t go into why it was necessary but the net result is a much nicer flat and a much nicer area so it’s not all bad. We did have one sleepless night worrying about getting the wardrobe into the bedroom. After all a wardrobe in a dining room is not exactly ‘a la mode ‘ and it seemed inevitable at one point. However we regrouped and did a bit of lateral thinking and hey presto it’s in. Very nice it looks too. She also has a garden and apparently very friendly neighbours. What more could a girl want; handsome, unattached millionaires with GSOH being in short supply.

Anyway. I’m back now so normal service will be resumed. Just a quick post on what has been keeping me busy in the last couple of weeks.

I blogged about my soldier quilt design in July last year. This last couple of weeks I have remade the whole thing partly to update the pattern and partly because I wanted to try different quilting. The prototype was done using stitch-in-the-ditch but as I have the quilt frame assembled I decided to see what it would look like with a touch of free motion quilting. Apologies in advance to  LG who gave me some tips on the trombone. I took your comments on board but artistic licence won the day.

The template:

Ready to satin stitch.


Satin Stitched.

The drum shows the difference satin stitch makes. The drum sticks I did using a fabric base but totally covering in satin stitch.The diamond markings were done over a marking pencil guide line.

A line of stretch stitch to define the stripe on the trousers.

Pin it to the frame.


Bob’s your Uncle, a finished quilt quite different from the prototype. You don’t have to copy a pattern exactly. Even small changes such as this variation on quilting can make a huge difference. If you want to compare with the original click on the link above or here. If I had used a hi-loft wadding then the soldiers would also have stood out in relief. I actually used a cotton mix wadding. This makes more of a topper than a warm snuggly quilt. Which to use depends on the intended use and personal preference.

Tomorrow I start on the pirates. Watch this space.