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Out of Africa

3 Apr

Another one bites the dust.

This one shows ghanian adinkra symbols.

It was made from fat quarters which explains some of the wonkiness. I wouldn’t do it that way now. Far too finnicky and also have a bigger choice of fabric. It was also a very good one on which to practise using the speed control. As I used a higher loft wadding it should  keep me warm on the cold nights when the heating bills get too high. In fact the way I’m going I could just burrow under the pile of now finished quilts and forget the heating althogether. Could this be the latest sustainable energy project. (The old ideas are the best.)

Each symbol has a meaning and they are woven into cloth to create a message for the wearer and maybe also the observer.

Many moons ago I spent some time in Ghana so I feel an affinity. It was the first time I had travelled to Africa and everything was new and interesting. After many years things that once seemed new and exciting become mundane and everyday. The name of my online quilt business is Nsaa which, in the adinkra symbols is a  fabric. Basically the symbol means that something is genuine and of superior quality. It also makes a rather good logo.

If you are interested in what the rest mean click on the link above to take you to a page about them or just Google ‘adinkra’.

This last weekend I took a stall at the Westpoint Spring quilt festival in Exeter. It was great fun although the people who make a living at craft fairs and had to pay for petrol and accommodation were not too pleased. The number of people was definitely down from the couple of times I have visited as a customer and those that were there were not buying much. However, I picked up a few tips on future fair strategy. A lot of the traders do the whole circuit so they know each other and have a bit of a get together as well as selling.

This is what we looked like.

I think I might have less on show next time but it’s all a learning curve.

Now I just have to unpack all the boxes.

Next stop Harrogate in August/September