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Where’s Goosey Gander When You Want Him?

16 Feb

I was rather hoping to show you these quilts finished but ‘ the best laid plans’ and all that. I don’t know what’s going on with my quilting setup but you can bet it’s going to be expensive. Anyway I am determined to sort it out.

Meanwhile I have redone two versions of a top and photographed it so I thought I would show you all. The original had buttons for eyes which is OK if being used for a wall hanging but a bit risky – not to say uncomfortable if used on a bed. I replaced them all with fabric and feel much happier. It should make the quilting easier too if I ever get to do any. I should get through a few less needles anyway.

The pattern comes from Kookaburra Cottage and is called Mother Goose for obvious reasons. It’s also a very good way to use up all the odd scraps.

Version two.

Humpty Dumpty

The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Little Bo Peep

Little Boy Blue

The Three Pigs. I must confess this one has always puzzled me as Mother Goose is to do with nursery rhymes and the pigs are a fairy story. Mind you I am easily confused.

Hickory Dickory Dock.

Little Miss Muffet.

Taking close up photos is quite useful as any little details that have been missed are more obvious. Also obvious are loose threads et al.

When I did these quilts I was overseas with a stash of fat quarters and little else. This explains the very busy nature of most of the quilts I did at that time. I wonder how I would do them now with the choice of fabrics I have available in whatever quantity is needed. I must try just for the interest.