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Falling off the Carousel.

23 Sep

This is going to be one of those quilts I can’t even give away. It’s one of those that I know didn’t go right and every time I look at it I will remember. I have a rule that if I wouldn’t sell it (even if I wasn’t going to anyway) I can’t give it away so I guess this is what will be keeping my toes warm this winter.

The Whole Quilt Finally finished.

It was going beautifully. I had finished the applique and put it all together except for the outside pink border. I was even humming a little tune to myself. All was right with The World and then I looked at it again. I swear I heard the ‘Jaws’ music.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t done it as intended, just that my intended  layout was wrong. I had the horses upside down. Not a problem, you think. All I had to do was remove the panels and turn them round and away we go. That solution doesn’t take into account the use of the overlocker. I had to rip all the seams and then put them back together again. My nice neat straight seams were not as nice and neat as they had been.  So what – it looks OK you might say. If you are a quilter you will understand.

Never mind, all is not lost, I can still show you how it was done and enjoy warm toes in the Winter. That is if the Quilt Police don’t read this and send the Black Maria round post- haste.

I started with another quilt from my favourite Sunbonnet Sue series although I am not sure I don’t need a change now. You can definitely have too much Sunbonnet Sue although I have enjoyed meeting her and I am sure we will renew our acquaintance.  I liked the layout and even the colour scheme so decided to have a go.

The original quilt pattern layout.

In the same book there is a template/ patterns for an applique of a Sunbonnet Sue on a carousel horse. I thought this would look good on the layout without being quite so repetitive, even though there would still be eight similar appliques.

The Pattern

I decided that I could give the idea of a carousel top with the right pattern  and then add borders to continue the theme. I was quite proud of the finished block as piecing isn’t my forté. My points have a habit of not pointing.  They more sort of beckon. ( That should get me a few months sentence on fussy cutting from the QP). In fact I was so successful I might even have a go at a quilt with a few more in it.

The centre.

I then added the appliques, making sure I didn’t get the same colour adjacent either in horse or corner pieces.

If this looks strange it is because it was photographed sideways.

It was at the third border point that I realised my layout was badly wrong. I had the horses inwards, which would have looked very unimpressive. It only took me the rest of the day to remove and replace the panels. If they hadn’t been appliqued I would have started again. In fact, with hindsight  I would just have extracted the panels and wasted the rest It would certainly have been quicker. You can be sure I checked and double checked everything after that.

A detail before quilting.

I think I will have a few days off sewing now and do something else. I have a couple basted and ready to go  but as I don’t really like quilting I will go away and do something else till the mood takes me. My ambition is to have all my quilts professionally quilted but the cost puts me off.  Also I would think you need to know the quilter’s work quite well before entrusting hours of work to them. Maybe one day.

I have a whole area in my dungeon, full of porcelain dolls that need photographing and listing so I think I will spend a few days doing that- if I can actually get in to where they are in the first place. Then I need to do certificates for them as the ones I did before are no longer impressive. Modern software has definitely outclassed the package  I was using back in the dark ages. Mind you it’s only ever going to be as good as the user. At least it won’t be as disastrous as the quilt if my concentration slips.