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A Girl’s Best Friend

20 Sep

A little digression from my usual subject just to show you that I am not locked in the dungeon churning out quilts all the time. I am on occasions allowed a little light relief with other hobbies.

I’m not what you would call a sparkly sort of a person. I don’t wear dangling diamonds in my ears or sequins on my ball gowns – in fact it’s a while since I even wore a ball gown with or without sequins. Unlike my Daughters I do not wear sparkly dance shoes or crystal encrusted dresses but give me an embroidery and I can’t resist pepping it up with a few shiny things.

It all started last Christmas when I made the traditional Christmas gift. The tradition started four or five years ago when Daughter Number Two decided that as she now had a house and I always got stressed about the mess in mine over Christmas, that year we would have the celebrations at her place. I decided that I would make something christmassy for whoever hosted and as  she had it at her house three or four times she now has a selection of quilts and table toppers.

Last year she was in Australia so we had it at Daughter Number One’s flat. It wasn’t easy as it is tiny and the tree was huge but we managed. Daughter Number One is definitely into sparkle. The copious amounts of tinsel pinned to the beams in our house every Christmas were mostly down to her. She is the one with the  sparkly dance shoes and crystalled dresses so when I decided to do some embroidered pictures to add to her collection of decorations, I had to add crystals. I must admit they did look good in a christmas decoration sort of way. The trouble is that once I had seen the transformation a few shiny bits could do I had trouble stopping.

I had a few embroideries that I had done on fabric that was rather too thin and so I  cut round them as appliques and decided to make cards from them.  They looked fine as they were but I decided to try adding a few shiny buttons or flower centres and I couldn’t stop.

First of all Mrs Kangaroo who is actually a straightforward embroidery that didn’t need chopping up. She had lots of spots, what could I do?

Mrs K Ready for the Beach

As you can see I went a bit overboard with the crystals on this one. Good job I’m not trying to sell them for profit.

Close-up of Sparkly Bow


Bag ladies were never like this.

When the Going Gets Tough The Tough Buy Bags

More Bags


Shoes to Match


As it is my turn for Christmas this year and I make the Christmas Tradition items I am deciding what to make myself and shall I wrap it up do you think. The way my brain is going if I wrap something up long enough before Christmas and bury it under the other presents. I can’t remember what it is. That could be a plan but only if I do it now. I have ordered a McKenna Ryan – Chrissie Down Under- with hopes of doing that for Christmas. I have never done one of her designs so it depends how I get on and I think it unlikely I would forget making that.

Perhaps a couple of embroideries might be a good idea. That way I can add some sparkle. After all it is for Christmas.

In case you are wondering the embroideries are from Loralie Designs.