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A Boy Named Sue – Sunbonnet That Is

10 Sep

I posted a link to my last blog on Sunbonnet Sue on I was amazed at the response. Thousands, and I mean thousands of people came across to look. As you may have gathered from my very  first Sunbonnet blog I was not overkeen on the Sunbonnet genre. I did it because it was quick to do and quite restful and I could add a few extras in the way of accessories. Finding so many people interested in the two blogs I have become more interested myself. As a result I have done another quilt, this time featuring ‘Sue’ as a boy.  I am again assisted by the patterns by Suzanne Zaruba Cirillo from ‘Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie Too’  which is available from Amazon in USA and UK, although I suspect stocks must be getting low as we speak. I have been asked for the name of the book by more people than Amazon reckons to have books in stock. Perhaps now is the time to buy from your friendly independent local or online retailer.I wish I had a few copies  on my site.

In the last quilt from the book I used one of the suggested quilt arrangements but chose the blocks I thought went together best. In this one I have followed the ones chosen to go together in the book as they combine  perfectly. They depict ‘Sue’ camping with a spell in a hammock, cooking sausages over a fire, climbing a tree and going for a brisk walk assisted by a stout stick cut from a hazel hedge no doubt. In all activities he is accompanied by his faithful Scottie.

A Weekend in the Woods

When I was buying the book I got talking to another customer.  She had made one of the redwork versions for her grandson but, not liking the dog she left him out. Unfortunately, rather than marvelling at the wonderful quilt his grandma had made him , he just wanted to know where his ‘doggy’ was. It just shows you – though I’m blowed if I know what it shows you.

I thnk the secret of the enjoyment of making this quilt might be that every block is different and therefore keeps the interest. I am also lucky in that I have a very large collection of embroidery threads so that I can match colours quite well. You would be surprised how many times there still isn’t an exact match but that’s when the ‘contrast’ system kicks in. If you can’t match it, contrast it so that it looks as if you intended to do that all along. It quite often ends up as a better effect than a total match would have been.

Larger View

I am not usually a ‘country colours’ sort of girl. I am more the bright, breezy and a bit ‘in your face’ but this one calls for country colours so country colours I attempted.  As it is an outdoor theme I thought a grass/sky combination for the background would also work well. Other than that I tried to keep broadly to the sort of fabrics shown in the original.

I am here to tell you dear reader that I failed. I cannot do country colours. I tried but somehow I couldn’t keep the bright colours out. My stash rebelled and pointed me away from the greens and browns to the mauves and oranges. This will not of course necessarily happen to you if you decide to make it. I believe that the stash will out so if your taste runs to country colours – then country colours you will get. If your stash runs to pinks and purples perhaps your Sue will be finding his feminine side. Either way  your wall hanging or comfort blanket will be a lovely one-off.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Barking up the Wrong Tree.


Who's for Sausages

Hope you enjoyed this walk through the woods.

I am now off to carry on with the third quilt. Ithink I  may be a convert to Subonnet Sue.