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Sunbonnet Sue Wears The Trousers

4 Sep

Last time I mentioned Sunbonnet Sue I was overwhelmed by the number of people who came across to look. Realising how many people were interested in the little lady I decided to make another quilt featuring her. Years ago I bought a book featuring Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie both in redwork and applique. The book was written by Suzanne Zaruba Cirillo. The redwork examples are lovely but life is too short for me to go down that path. I did the applique. I took a few photographs as I was making it and will share them with you.

Although she is wearing dungarees, the whole point of this collection is that it features Sunbonnet Sue not Overall Sam and so I chose fabrics that reflect this. I usually use up my box of small pieces for applique but I decided that I would start on a new pile of fat quarters and stash pieces this time. This turned out to be a good idea as it meant I had fabric left over for the 3.5″ squares that make up the quilt. Behold the fabrics cut ready to piece.

Fabrics ready to piece.

There were 12 applique panels and I used these and a few other fabrics to make the appliques. The panels start at 11.5″ and then are trimmed to 9.5″ after appliqueing. This is because the fabric usually distorts in the applique process and this way you end up with a nice square block.

I particularly like the fabric used on these dungarees.

Sharing an Icecream

A bit of boating on the lake calls for an orange outfit.

A Fair Wind and a Foul Sea

I love the way the dog is so expressive . In each picture you can see what he is supposed to be doing. I am sure you have all seen a dog in this pose when a ball is thrown for it.

If I Bring it Back You'll Only Throw it Again.

After a bit of a run round the park a drink is called for and a handy drinking fountain fits the bill. Obviously this is on a different day as the outfit now is in shades of Autumn. Very fetching.

Boy am I Thirsty

Next day we might go for a spot of roller skating in the same park. That is if the warden doesn’t catch us.

Get Those Snazzy Pants.

Nothing like a skipping rope to drive a dog to distraction.

Isn't This Exciting.

There’s nothing like a shower on a hot day.

Cooling Off

Having soaked the ground the way to keep your dungarees out of the mud is to wear stilts.

Head in the Clouds

Another day might see us on the beach, digging for treasure.

It Must be Here Somewhere

On the way home a turn on the swings.

I'm Feeling a Bit Queasy

At home for a few minutes with the blocks.

How many More Can I get On Here?

Finally a refreshing pot of tea for two – bliss.

Tea for two

Having finished the 12 blocks the rest of the fabric is cut into 3.5″ squares of prints and white and arranged as below.


Joined into 9 Patch

The panels are then alternated with the 9 patch blocks and stitched together.

Alternate Panels and Blocks

Then the quilt centre is complete.


Add a border and we’re ready for quilting.

With Border and Ready to Quilt


I have now finished the quilt and bound it so here is a photo of it complete.

One with the backing showing. This for a girl but you could do a boy’s one with Overall Sam in more masculine colours.