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Dance, Dance, Dance Little Lady Dance with Me

30 Aug

Anyway, there I was shimmying across the floor on the arm of a handsome hunk. I was wearing some designer number and really, really, really enjoying myself. I had sparkly shoes and my feet felt so light you wouldn’t believe. Then, of course, life intervened as it always does and I woke up. The big problem with dreams like this is that you feel that if you could only rewind life like a video tape it could have been real. Still, mustn’t dwell on it. I’m not one of the official dancers in the family so I’m probably not  entitled to have those sort of dreams.

One year I joined Angie Padilla’s site solely because she had one particular quilt pattern on it.  After I had joined I found other things but at the time I had to have this pattern. Daughter Number one was, and still is a dance fanatic and I wanted to make her a quilt with dancers. This was a way of making it quickly without having to design it. Lazy! It was great fun to make although I was still learning to use satin stitch so some of the small bits were a tad challenging.

For some reason she also had a thing about spiders and the spider’s web fabric just jumped out at me on the shelf. I think it makes a very appropriate base fabric for the blocks. The dancers seem to be emerging from the threads. Or maybe I am just finally going batty and imagining things. See what you think. One tip I will pass on is that if your fabric is black, white wadding can be a problem. However I had to use what I could get so the tiny threads ‘bearding’ through the top could be due to the quality of the product.

I think this one is so elegant and you can almost see the movement in the ball gown.

Bit of contortion involved here methinks.

I seem to have left a thread on that one when I photographed it.

My favourite.

I think Daughter Number One might call the gentleman above ‘sketchy’ – a very descriptive word I always think.

This one could be decribed as 'rubbery'.

My Second favourite.

I haven’t got a photograph of the whole quilt in black, after all I didn’t know I was one day going to blog. I made one in pink for someone else so you can see the layout from that. The different choice of colours makes it into a completely different quilt for a completely different dancer. I think this one was ordered for a little girl.

To show the difference with the black one.

I got the arm a bit shorter on this one.

I had a lot of fun stitching the folds and shading to give texture.

I didn’t choose the fabric for the pink version. I think, given a free hand, I might have reversed the fabrics and had the dancers on the patterned fabric and the sashing in the plain pink. Sometimes it is liberating to use another person’s fabric choice. It gives another perspective, a way of doing things that might not  otherwise have been considered as an option. As you can see there was also a black fabric with pink spots for sashing which contrasted nicely. In all it turned out well although I never saw it quilted. I couldn’t finish it as I didn’t have a walking foot and didn’t want to spoil it using an ordinary one and so someone else took it to finish.

I would think that, if the quilt takes your fancy you could perhaps still get it on the site in the back catalogue. Shimmy over and have have a look anyway. Angie Padilla uses the EQ software so you don’t really see finished quilts but there are lots of ideas if you like her style. (                 Dancers Link in case you can’t find it.

I have given daughter Number One who is the graphic designer, a brief to design some dancers for an Nsaa quilt. I have already purchased some glittery fabrics and if I make it as a wall hanging I will very likey adorn everything in site with preciosa crystals. These are slightly cheaper than Swarovski crystals which is why I use them. If you do ever want to have a go with these get the hotfix ones and a wand.

You would not believe what a difference a few crystals makes. I use them a lot on cards when I use an embroidery for the picture. The hotfix are a doddle. Daughter Number One used to use the glue on ones on her dance outfits as they were slightly cheaper. When I decided to use them I didn’t fancy that so I bought the wand and hotfix crystals and now she buys those too, they are so much easier and stay on better.

I won’t get into that too much as I want to do a blog  concentrating on crystals at a later date . Right now I will just see if I can grab 40 winks. Who knows what I might dream about this time.