Lay a Little Egg for Me

26 Aug

I promised you more car quilts and I always deliver – well almost always. There is a little story around this quilt. My Daughters seem to like to give their cars nicknames. Apparently, according to a survey I read the other day, this makes them better drivers. I don’t award the grants so don’t shoot the messenger, just accept the findings. Daughter number one called her first car ‘Chick’n.  So, when I was making a car quilt for her it obviously had to be about chickens. I found a pattern whilst on one of my sojourns to Cairns in Australia. I know every fabric based business in that town let me tell you. Anyway, I found this quilt pattern although I am not sure quite how as it was made up in dark purples and the pattern was in A5 size. If I hadn’t been looking specifically for that sort of pattern I probably wouldn’t have seen it. I suppose A5 takes up less space on the rack in the shop but it doesn’t do much for selling patterns. Anyway, I digress.

I had taken a couple of bundles of Madras checks overseas with me along with the rest of my stash fabrics and found these perfect for the country style quilt. I made it up as per the instructions but I am not really happy about using zigzag instead of satin stitch. I think I made this before I had settled on satin stitch as standard. If it ever needs washing, which I am sure it will, I presume the edges will fray. this is apparently part of the design to make it ‘country’. Time will tell.

The Whole Quilt

Here is a detail of the chickens.

First Closeup

Number Two.

The buttons for eyes would not be suitable for a child’s quilt but they add something nevertheless.

I mentioned in my last post on car quilts that the cover does not only keep the quilt tidy but also protects it from the sun if left on the back seat. (for those of you who are looking sceptical, yes we do have sun here sometimes). These next two  photo show you the fading on the cover. Both the front of the cover and the quilt were made from the same fabrics. The back was a mixture of completely different fabrics as, when you have limited supplies you tend to reserve fabrics you might use again. The crazy patch allowed me to use up lots of left over bits.



Daughter Number One is a Graphic Designer and like me prefers bright cheerful colours – probably the result of a childhood spent in Africa according to  research material she used for her University Dissertation.  This quilt must tick all the right boxes for someone like that so I was quite pleased with the result. Come to think of it being brought up in a sunny environment  is obviously not a prerequiste for liking bright colours or I guess I would like dull browns and greys.

The quilt incorporates one of my favourite forms of patchwork – crazy patch. It is so useful for using up bits of fabric but doesn’t look as if that is what you have done. As you are using up leftovers the end result tends to be a snapshot of your taste in fabrics too. Very Freudian I’m sure. I will do a blog on crazy patch at some time I am sure so we can discuss the ins and out of that one.

Whatever, hope you enjoy this little quilt and maybe it will inspire you to make your own car quilts.


2 Responses to “Lay a Little Egg for Me”

  1. Peggi August 28, 2011 at 2:38 am #

    I love this quilt!!! It is zany and colorful and wacky and I LOVE IT!!! You did a great job. Will you adopt me and make me one? lol!

    • quiltaholic August 28, 2011 at 8:16 am #

      Thanks. I popped over to your blog to see who I might be adopting. There are some lovely things on there. Also wish I had a deck. Maybe if I adopt you I can come and sit on it.

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