The Quiet of the Cloister

22 Aug

As I mentioned in my earlier blog;  day after the International Quilt Exhibition daughter Number One and I went for a bit of a sightseeing trip round Coventry (in the English midlands for those outside the British Isles) and took a few photographs. As I also mentioned our feet took a bit of a hammering thus the title of the blog – The Barking of the Dogs.

Walking round what is a busy town,what struck me most was that as we walked into the Cathedral area it suddenly became very quiet. All  sounds seemed to fade into the background. You may or may not know that the original cathedral in Coventry was bombed in the last war on November 14th 1940. (See this link if you are interested). The  building was destroyed.

Inside the ruined cathedral.

As you can see it must have been a very lovely structure.

The foundation stone of the new Coventry Cathedral was laid in 1956 and the Cathedral was consecrated in 1962. (See this link for more details if you are interested.) It was built in a modern style that I think has stood the test of time. There were some awful examples of architecture built in the UK in the 60’s but this one seems to have managed to be attractive and definitely not outdated to this day.

This statue depicts St michael and the Devil.

The Entrance

I love these windows.

Can you see the photo being taken. Note I have stayed incognito.

Here are a couple of other general photos.

I remember thinking what a wonderful place it would be just to go and think. Although there are people there it is so peaceful.

So if you are ever in the area you know where to go for a ‘piece of quiet’ as Daughter Number Two used to call it when small.


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