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The Barking of the Dogs

16 Aug

Daughter Number One and I went to the Festival of Quilts this weekend in Birmingham (England not Alabama). By the end of the weekend our feet certainly knew about it. We were staying nearby in Coventry the home of Daughter Number One’s Alma Mater. As this was the case, after spending 7 solid hours on Friday walking round the exhibition we obviously decided that an equivalent number of hours spent walking round the city taking photographs and generally visiting old haunts on Saturday would be a good idea. Enjoyable though it was the feet definitely protested.

As you can see all the sharpening of elbows and avoiding of buggies at the exhibition was definitely worth it. There were some beautiful quilts. Some I liked, some I didn’t but I expect that everyone felt that way and there was something for everyone. I have included some photos of a couple that I thought were just so well done I could never hope to compete. The patience some people must have transcends anything I could ever aspire to. Try this one for size. It is made up of, I assume, thousands of hexagons that I would estimate to be about 1″ in size.

Hours and hours of work.

This photo is a bit blurry but you get the idea.

What can I say.

It’s not that I couldn’t do it just that I think I would lose the will to live halfway through. Also I expect I would make a horrendous miscalculation somewhere and mine would end up with a broken nose or something equally ruinous. In my opinion it should have won a very big prize. If it did I must have missed the plaque. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Another item also caught my eye. This time it was a group of three wall quilts depicting Frank Sinatra. They were beautifully pieced and in just my range of colours.

What do you think?

Try them separately.

Finally some detail.

We looked at each and every stall and I was quite surprised to come away with only a small amount of fabric and a new pair of stork scissors. It wasn’t even self discipline. I didn’t really want anything else. I am either getting old or frugal. Maybe it’s both, who knows. I did treat myself to a range of semi-plains from a company called Starr Designs based in the enchantingly named ‘Pig Alley’ in California. The colours were beautiful. There were a range of patterns designed to get the most out of the fabrics too but I didn’t succumb. They don’t seem to have a web site so I guess you will just have to imagine how beautiful they are. (Found the website and I was right – the colours are not as good as in the flesh so to speak but they are quite good.)

There were a lot of people there and it was not wise to turn round too quickly or step backwards but we managed to get round without a mishap unless you count the feet. There was even enough room in one of the tea areas when we just had to sit down and refresh ourselves. What more can one ask. We were there just after it opened and left just before it closed so it must have been good – or very big, or both.

On the way out we took pictures of the big winner which was beautifully conceived and crafted. Apologies if you see your back view in one but it helps to show the size of the quilt having someone in the foreground.

Here is a close-up.

In a later post I will post some pictures of the tourist route we took.

On another subject. I am sponsoring a quilt competition over at Quilting Gallery this week. If you don’t want to enter it is always worth going over to have a look at the things people are making on a certain theme.