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Sledgehogs,Ice Creams and Show and Tell.

1 Aug

As promised here are the pictures of the quilt I have been working on. I haven’t quilted it yet but I think I have just enough of my favourite wadding left to finish it. I will find out tomorrow. Today I cleaned the cellar and rearranged everything. I have a lot of quilt tops that I will never finish. maybe I should look for a charity with people willing to do just that. It would give me more room and someone would benefit.

You will have to excuse the creases. The pictures I took yesterday after pressing it were not right and I didn’t press it again. Put it down to old age and poverty. I’m sure you can still see the pictures even with the creases.

This is the whole thing appliqued. It is very difficult to get a good enough picture as it is so long but it is just an overview as you can see the individual pieces below.

The Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef was great fun. I started with a piece of fabric depicting same from Nutex and then had great fun adding all the little bits of colour. Fossil Ferns was used for the coral. Despite the fact it has been around for so long I think it is the most versatile fabric I know. I do have lots of Fossil Ferns but haven’t found a way of photographing them for the site but if you are looking for a particular colour just email . There is a bit of batik in there for the fish too. This panel is a particularly good reason for not throwing away the little bits of fabric you think are not big enough for anything. The goggles are a case in point, why would you waste a big piece when a tiny scrap will do. As you can see I didn’t think far enough ahead with the red flippers and the sashing. However, a bit of variegated embroidery thread took care of that. There is always a solution. Considering the state of my disordered brain there often has to be.

Music in the Rainforest.

I have to say that having been in the rainforest this is not the sort of music frogs usually make. This, I wouldn’t mind. The other I did. Fossil ferns again on the flowers and batik on the large leaves. Throughout the quilt we have ‘spot the possum’ as well. two here I think.

Sledgehogs Cause a Tumble

The way the Kangaroos are  looking at him I guess the crocodile is the sledgehog. He appears to have caused a bit of an RTA down at the bottom.

Patriotic Sailors

As you can see I found some appropriate sky fabric and various others for the sea, the rudder and other bits and pieces.

Carol Singers

It is not very easy to see but I found some glittery fabric for the song books and embroidered the star with gold thread. Christmas is the only time I could justify the sparkly stuff. Must be my upbringing.

The Nippers

I can think of several reasons for the title but not being Australian I may be missing something. Please notice how I cheated with the background. If you’ve got it flaunt it (or at least use it). I think that might be another possum there but I managed to find one more than there are supposed to be so one of them may not be hiding and it might be him.

Show and Tell

These are supposed to be Gallahs (me neither) but being ignorant I made them into chickens. Guess what the background fabric is.


I Want to Go Home

There are lots of little joeys in this one, some are camouflaged and some not. Note the beach fabric.

Ice Creams and Hide and seek

I am not too keen on the koalas picture, perhaps it needs a bit more detail. Just off the picture to the right is another possum.

Three Kings and a Star.

Another Christmas theme and more sparkle. maybe I am a closet ‘sparkleist’. The crowns and presents are all finished with metallic thread.

I enjoyed doing this quilt, especially choosing the fabrics. If anyone has done anything similar  using blanket stitch or other hand stitches perhaps you could find time to comment. I don’t use blanket stitch and I often wonder how you get on with the tiny bits and whether there is a technique to help. What I also want to know is how on earth anybody managed before fusible webbing I suppose it would all have been needle turned edges. I have done applique without but it’s not easy. The bits move as you are sewing them.

If you see this blog and have tackled the same sort of applique I would appreciate a comment as I would like to know what other people are doing on the same lines.

What to do next?