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Why Has My Sweater Got Three Arms?

30 Jul

I haven’t tried every craft but there have been a few. The first was knitting. Despite the title I was quite good at it if you don’t count those round needles. I never could get the hang of them. My Mother used to knit so I learned. I used to start with enthusiasm, I finished with relief but the bit in the middle was a bit of  a bore. It went on for ever.

Then I tried crochet. I made myself a beret. It went very well until I tried it on. It fell over my eyes; tension was obviously not my thing. It was a rather fetching shade of luminous pink. It would probably be back in fashion as ‘retro’ now.

After that  I tried cross stitch. I rather liked that as long as I could watch a video at the same time. Now I listen to audio books but in those days they weren’t really around. I did quite a lot of cross stitch but what do you do with it when you have finished. I don’t really want embroideries all over my walls. I even had some designs published in a magazine. That just meant that I spent hours stitching for a very small reward. Mind you it did come in handy for small carpets and rugs in my dolls house stage – more of which in a future post.

Eventually I discovered dolls, porcelain dolls. I enjoyed every stage of making them. Pouring the slip, firing, painting, making bodies and dressing them. They really are rewarding to make. Unfortunately I’m not sure I could even lift the moulds these days. They are very, very heavy.

9" Doll

These dolls are small but very detailed and dressing them can be a challenge but they are lovely when finished. Here are a couple of slightly different ones.

I have packed all my dollmaking equipment away to make room for the quilting equipment but I still have lots of dolls to finish if the mood should take me. If you have never made a porcelain doll and I am sure most of you haven’t, then you will not realise just what that means. I have shelves and shelves of moulds and soft-fired greenware. I have two kilns and bottles and bottles of slip. there are enough ribbons to stock a haberdashery and enough baby shoes to open a shoe shop. Add a filing cabinet full of dress patterns , sundry cots, prams, chairs and goodness only knows what and that is a lot of space. It’s the equivalent of a very large stash.

I did think ahead and buy myself a Horn cabinet so that I can always fold it away if I need to and my pouring table is temporarily a cutting table so that I can do more if I so desire. Like quilting it can be an addictive pastime if a bit messier.

Some more of my creations:

I have some more of the baby dolls on my site if you would like to see them.

This has been a diversion from the quilting but I have almost finished the quilt top started in ‘Roos’ Damned Roos and Wallabies’. I will post a picture soon. Unfortunately I now have to quilt it. This could be a little delayed as the wadding I like is out of stock and has been for a while. I like my quilts to be ‘puffy’ as daughter number two always says. I like them to be warm rather than just decorative. This could have something to do with the fact I live in a draughty old listed building in the Northern Hemisphere.  It could of course just be that I like ‘puffy’ quilts.