Put My Horse in There Boy.

22 Jul

Sorry about the title it’s something my Dad used to say when he saw a bow- legged cowboy on a film so I couldn’t resist it in a blog about same.

Not that my cowboys are bow-legged, although the beauty of applique is that you can take a pattern and adapt it. If you want bow-legged cowboys knock yourself out as they say. The photo underneath tells you what I am rambling on about. When I started designing these little fellows I got quite carried away.

It might look as though this is a very complicated pattern but I have tried to make it as simple as possible by supplying full sized templates on which each figure is preformed ready to go onto the background fabric.  See below.

Template for easy placement.

With this system a piece of baking paper, or if you are really organised an applique sheet is placed over the pattern and each piece laid down in its rightful place and ‘tacked’ in place with the point of the iron. When the whole figure is complete it is protected by another piece of baking paper, fused with a quick pass of the iron and left to cool. It is then peeled off the baking paper and you have a completed figure to lay down in the correct place on the background. This stops inadvertent bow-legged cowboys but also allows intended changes to the original figure. My skills in applique are largely self taught and I developed this one out of deperation and a sudden ‘light bulb’ moment.

There was a time when I spent rather a lot of time placing appliques of shoes on shoe bags prior to stitching them They were not whole shoes but lots of little pieces which had to end up as a whole shoe and at the same time in the right place on the bag. I have lost count of the times I had to move all the little pieces to get it right. I am sure I didn’t invent the process but I suddenly realised that I could put them together before placing them with the judicious use of a piece or two of baking paper or greaseproof paper as we call it here in UK  (Not waxed paper). I also discovered a little extra tip the other day when I bought cheap paper as none other was available. If it doesn’t have a nice shiny surface the pieces stick for ever. The same applies if you are dense enough to forget the baking paper and put them straight onto the pattern. Yes I have done that and not only the once either. In my case it didnt matter as I have a printer full of new ones but if you do it on a pattern you have bought it could prove a problem. Having said that, if you ever bought one of my patterns and did this I would happily supply a new sheet. I hate to see people cry and after all I have been there.

The best bit of a pattern like this is that you can add lots of little extras like the sheriff’s badge and the embroidered fringe on the cowboy top right. You can also use different shirt fabrics to give each cowboy an individual character. the possibilities are endless. I particularly enjoyed finding the right stitch for the stitching down the legs of the jeans.

His Jacket is fringed with stitching.

I shot the sheriff but only with my camera

If you would like to see closeups of any of the other cowboys go to nsaaquilting.co.uk or to this link which takes you directly to the page.

I am posting this today as I have entered my quilt in a competition at quiltinggallery.com this weekend and if anybody links from that page they can see the quilt detail better. It is a good site to find quilt blogs if you like reading blogs. I am rather looking forward to going on later to see the quilts entered as the theme is ‘Boys Quilts’ and there don’t seem to be a lot of them around generally so I would like to see what is.

Finally a picture of the pattern content in this particular pattern in case you would like to reproduce it yourself.

The contents of the cowboy pattern. All 9 templates included.

Happy Stitching.

ps. I have just noticed that there are in fact several bow-legged cowboys. Just shows you doesn’t it.


2 Responses to “Put My Horse in There Boy.”

  1. Connie July 24, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    The detail on your cowboys is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I tried to reply to your comment but it came up “no-reply-comment@blogger.com”

  2. quiltaholic July 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Thanks they are great fun to do. Your blog has some lovely things. I envy your perfect points on the flying geese. Maybe that’s why I stick to applique.

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