What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor.

21 Jul

As I was taking my constitutional up along the cliffs, I suddenly thought you might like to see what I saw. Today has been the first really lovely day all week and we decided to go for a walk. What I didn’t realise was that we were doing Land’s End to John o’ Groats. At least that’s what it felt like.  Mind you I did get treated to an icecream at the three quarter point. That would be gooseberry if you’re interested although I’m not sure why you would be. Anyway this is the view as you descend into the village. It was taken before the hoards started to appear so not too populated.

Whilst we are on the subject and bearing in mind the title of this blog let me also show you a picture of the Big Cheese’s boat complete with Daughter number one. I’m not sure if she has the sun in her eyes or is doing the ‘I see no ships’ thing. By the way I am not suggesting that any sailor was even slightly inebriated during the taking of this photograph. It just seemed like a good title for a seasidey blog.

You’ll have to excuse the seagulls. As you can see they are not house trained. They ruin everything. I can’t even hang washing out in case they decide to reenact the Battle of Britain and ack- ack the whole lot as they zoom down the line. The noise is worse. They seem to think that if I walk past a window in my own house it is a cue to screech. I have even caught myself reasoning in conversation with a seagull that as the house is mine I am entitled to walk past a window with impunity. I’m not saying they were the exact words but you catch my drift. Anyway, I used to like the sound of seagulls but I hate the little devils with a vengeance now I live amongst them. You would think twenty years would be long enough to get used to it but I’ve got news for you. They also stand in line at the chip shop waiting for someone to drop a chip or lurk outside ready to attack the unwary and pinch a whole fish supper. I saw someone lose a saveloy right before my eyes one evening whilst listening to  the fishermen’s Choir. Still the tourists seem to like them and they say if they bomb you from a great height it’s lucky. Well they’d have to say that wouldn’t they.

Here’s another view from a different angle. See the big fishing boats. The village is still a working fishing village so boats can be seen going in and out of the harbour when the tide is right.

I’ll be back with more on applique in the next few days.


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