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Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip

20 Jul

Now here’s a turn up for the books. I haven’t done much everyday cooking for years but tonight I have been requested to do so.  The Big Cheese says he loves cooking , helps him unwind apparently whereas it winds me up. My hairdresser says that anybody who says they find cooking destresses them, which could be a rough translation of ‘winding down’ is just after an excuse to drink the cooking sherry. Whichever it is it seems to work. Not that the Big Cheese ever seems to get stressed unless you count when he’s talking to me but I think he has a mechanism for that called ‘not listening’. That seems to work too. Anyway, I digress.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain as many a quilter has to do the cooking every night. I’m afraid I would have to buy a cookbook of ‘Meals to make when you have just realised it is 10 minutes to dinner time.’ This could consist of a lot of pasta which would in itself have me removed from the kitchen posthaste. He doesn’t like pasta, I prefer not to eat red meat but I am prepared to sacrifice my preferences to my need to be able to get on with more interesting pursuits. I may die early of some horrible disease brought on by rich food but at least I’ll die happy. Not sure what the Big Cheese will do with all the quilt tops I’ve accumulated over the years and never made into quilts but I guess that wont be my problem.

You will be pleased to know that the Millamac  quilt reported in the post of July 13th is coming along nicely. I have now started the satin stitch. What a lot of pieces were involved in placing though. Still, no pain, no gain as they say. See if you think it was worth it. They cheer me up anyway.


This is the one featured in the July 13th post when I had just placed it. Now it is stitched. As you can see there are bits that cannot be stitched yet as they go over the border and will have to completed when the various scenes have been joined with sashing. As  said in an earlier post, this is more difficult to do as you have to work with more bulk but makes a more interesting quilt in the end.

Sailing stitched in place.

Finally a view of the perils of the road hog on the slopes. I love this one.

The dangers of the 'croc racer'.

Anyway, that’s what I am doing at the moment. With a fair wind I am hoping to finish stitching before the weekend . I was going to have to help with the next batch of cheese but daughter number two is bringing her washing home so I’m hoping to do a deal.

You will be pleased to hear that my onion tart turned out well by the way. I used some of the Roquefort he made on the cheese course and even if I say it myself it was delicious. It’s not that I can’t cook, just that I can’t see the point. I was helped greatly by the fact that I bought him a Kenwood Chef for his birthday – no really – so I made the pastry, sliced the onions and whisked up the eggs and cream. in the machine. We had a nice little salad and he had a baked potato. I was taught at school that if you have pastry you don’t need a potato. Perhaps boys’ schools had a different philosophy. Or perhaps they did woodwork instead. Whatever, with the example of the head of the household  I have never managed to get the idea across to any of my family. Anyway, I am sure you are relieved he didn’t starve.