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She who is tired of quilting is tired of life.

19 Jul

Apologies to samuel Johnson for the title. It is also worth noting that not all quilters are female.

This blog Continues the theme in the 15th July blog. If you don’t want to tire of quilting don’t overface yourself but at the same time challenge yourself a bit more with each project. The bag projects help teach piecing and quilting, the next stage might be to learn applique. Again, start with something simple that you can finish successfully. Something like the cot quilt  in my quilt patterns and kits sections. As I said in the last ‘lesson’ a kit is useful as it supplies the things needed to make the project but a pattern  would also work. For instance, the hearts in the kit below are ready fused onto the gingham and cut out. the pattern does however give a pattern for the heart and there are instructions on how to fuse the hearts to the fabric.  If you like my choice of fabric then a kit is a good idea but if you want to choose your own fabric use a pattern. It is also possible to use different shapes with the basic pattern although only the heart is supplied at present.

Sweet Hearts Cot Quilt Kit

This is the kit as sold featuring the pink version.

The kit comes in four colours

There are several ways of appliqueing shapes onto a background. One is to cut out the shapes with a 1/4″ allowance all round. Fold this over and press. Pin the shape to the background and slip stitch in place using small stitches, catching a little of the background and a little of the applique at the same time. Another way is to cut the shapes exactly to size and then either attach with blanket stitch – or as it was described to me the other day ‘teddy bear hand stitch’ which I  thought was a much more evocative description., or with a machine stitch. Any embroidery stitch or zigzag would do but I use satin stitch as it gives a neater finish which is less likely to fray. With machine applique use a piece of stabiliser on the back as this makes the fabric move much more easily.

Applique is a fairly easy way to make a simple quilt look more complicated. It is a good way to personalise your handiwork. One thing I can promise you is that once you get started you wont be able to stop. Everyone will gets quilts for presents. They will be amazed and you will be popular.

Good stitching.