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Roos, Damned Roos and Wallabies

13 Jul

I get very confused doing Australian themed quilts. I will be cruising along nicely having traced and placed several panels then I will come upon an animal I have never heard of. What for instance is an echidna? I came across this little fellow doing another of the Millamac designs – can you spot it on this link? It turns out that all my life I have been calling it a spiny anteater.  Then I will be quietly placing bits of kangaroo and find out that one of the creatures is actually a wallaby. It may seem a  trivial thing but it can be quite traumatic .

Anyway, I have already placed and fused four of the panels for my  quilt.  I would have done more but I had to embroider a birthday card for the big cheese – but that is another story. Several of the pieces overlap onto the sashing so it’s a bit of a challenge fusing just enough of the edge pieces that it doesn’t become necessary to prise them off the background in order to attach the sashing. Take note here as you can benefit from my extensive experience in doing just that – prising bits off the background that is. See what I mean below.


I would have got more done if I hadn’t had to keep answering the door. This consists of panicking when the doorbell brings me violently out of the necessary concentration for applique placing. This is followed by a dash across the length of the cellar, tripping over sundry items on the way. I then realise I haven’t unlocked the door yet and deperately try to do so before the person outside decides nobody is home and leaves. The reason I had to do this was that The Big Cheese and  Daughter the Second had gone off for a sail and a fish. Apparently the mission was nearly aborted as they couldn’t get out of the harbour. The village is finally having something done about the inadequate sewerage system and the only place for the subcontractor to park his huge boat for offloading was right in the harbour entrance. An agreement was reached with the trip boats that they would do a shuffle to let them out so the Big Cheese tagged onto the back of the queue and managed to get out into the sea. Unfortunately without wind sailing is difficult, nay impossible so they brought back a couple of fish instead. Funnily enough, unlike the home made cheese which is delicious, I am never too keen on foraged fish. I prefer them from the supermarket all packaged up with a bit of parsley and a nice slice of lemon.


After all the excitement of answering the door it took me a while to get back into the swing of things but I was drifting nicely into thought when the iron started screaming at me. The fact the iron screams is due to the problem I have of remembering to switch it off.  As a result all my irons – and I have a few – have timers. Why The Big Cheese had to choose timers with noise I do not know. He blames it on internet shopping and the lack of ‘try before you buy’ but I’m not too sure.

Great Barrier Reef

Enough of my problems, the point of this blog is to show you some of the stages of my Australian quilt.  See what I mean about the overhanging pieces. However they are worth it as they give the finished quilt a more interesting finished design.  Sometimes you have to suffer for perfection. If you want to follow the making of this quilt, keep reading. I will be posting comment and pictures as I progress.