You Can’t Quilt Cheese

9 Jul

My Husband has discovered cheesemaking which is very appropriate as his children have for years referred to him as ‘The Big Cheese’. It all started with a visit to New Zealand during which we visited a long lost cousin and his family. They made their own cheese and  the process had produced one of those really smelly Camemberts  that seem to be banned from our supermarkets and therefore our tables in case we might succumb to whatever bugs our ancestors seemed to survive with few problems. As soon as he tasted it he had to know how to make it and he finally went on a course in Somerset two weeks ago with the result that he has spent today making 25 litres of milk into 5 different cheeses. I’m not too sure how it will all pan out as cheese has to mature and it tends to pong a bit whilst it is doing so. The Cheddar and Roquefort he brought back from the course are competing with the aroma drifting up from the river where they are finally sorting out our village sewerage system. I’m not sure which is winning. Anyway, I fully intended to help with the whole exercise but it became apparent in the first five minutes that I am far too stupid to make cheese so I decided to preserve the marriage a bit longer and disappear into my workroom which is just along the corridor from the cellar in which he was making the cheese (he also uses it to make sausages but that is another story).

Anyway you can’t quilt cheese or I would have found a way to do it by now.

I am waiting for the next batch of tracings from the graphic design department before I can start on my next quilt  and so I decided to have a go at one of the patterns I had bought from one of my favourite pattern designers Sally Miller at ‘Millamac‘ It is called ‘Australia All Over’ and it has lots of scenes involving Australian animals. I have done a couple of her designs before and they are great fun. I’m not sure whether they are the easiest thing to start on but I like a challenge so I learned quite a lot by trial and error several years ago. To cut a long story short I have spent most of the day tracing possums and kangaroos onto fusible webbing. There are worse ways to spend the day and it is a legal addiction as far as I know.

Tomorrow I will be sorting through my extensive stash to find all the bits of fabric appropriate to each panel on the quilt. I am really looking forward to it. My pleasures in life are simple if ultimately expensive.

On a completely different tack (The Big Cheese has a boat too so I am au fait with nautical terms) have you discovered Loralie Harris Fabrics and embroideries. I will upload a picture of one of her panels – Senior Prom – and if you think it is interesting have a look on the website as I have lots of different panels and fabrics from her range.  I also offer some of her embroideries in my kits. Have a look and give me some feedback.If you need some fat quarters to match try the pink or brown matching fat quarters .

Senior Prom fat quarters brown.


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